Food Labelling

If you manufacture, package and label a food product, you will be required to meet our national Food Labelling legislation as per outlined in the FSANZ Food Standards Code.

Fines are awarded to those companies where their products are in breach of these requirements for products produced locally and internationally.  Imported products may be held in quarantine at our wharfs and not released for sale in Australia if it has been identifed the food label breaches our food labelling laws.

Getting your labels checked for compliance before you go to print, will eliminate additional costs associated with disposal of non-conforming labels, reformatting and reprinting new labels which can be a very costly exercise.

If you are unsure of your food label compliance, do not fret as we at J.A.Y. Food Consulting are only a phone call away.  

We offer the following services in regards to your food labels:

  • Full comprehensive food label compliance review
  • Ingredient listing development
  • Allergen statement development
  • Nutrition Information Panel development
  • Health claims - High Level and General Level
  • Nutrition Content claims
  • Health Star Rating System
  • Country of Origin Labelling
  • Food Product Legality
  • Labelling compliance for Imported Foods

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