Food Safety Programs

Did you know that food safety breaches and Product Recalls can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars in lost revenue and even close your business down.  Recently (December 2011) a bakery in Canberra was identified as the source of Salmonella poisoning of 13 people with 5 of those hospitalised.  Salmonella was identified in the mayonnaise made from raw egg.  The bakery was forced to close until the food safety breaches were remedied costing the company thousands of dollars in fines, lost revenue and damaged reputation.

Q: Are you required to meet your local council requirements under the State Food Act?
A: Yes.  We can review your current practices, and amend your system to reflect ensuring it meets all the relevant legislative requirements.

Q: Are you a primary producer that requires accreditation under Safe Food Queensland?
A: Yes.  We can build you a food safety plan that meets the FSANZ Primary Produce Standards managed by Safe Food Qld.

Q: Are you required to have a food safety program in place?
A: Yes.  We can build you a cost effective, easy to understand, tailor made food safety program that will work for your site / processes.

Q: Do your customers require you to have a specific system in place in order to supply?
A: Yes.  We are familiar with all food safety programs and can build the program around your customer specific requirements.

Our food legislation requires you to have a food safety program in place that identifies all your hazards in your process that pose a risk to food safety and that you implement control measures to minimise them from occurring.

We at J.A.Y. Food Consulting can assist you create your food safety plan to meet your council requirements or your state health requirements with our extensive industry knowledge and common sense solution.

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